Off The Record: 4 Reasons Why Recorded Statements Could Hurt Your Injury Claim

18 July 2017
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Being cooperative can be a good thing in many cases, especially when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries after an accident. However, there are times when being cooperative can prove devastating for your personal injury claim. For instance, willingly giving a recorded statement to the other party's insurance provider could hurt your chances of receiving a fair settlement or award. Here are four reasons why a seemingly helpful act can damage your claim: Read More 

Your Friend’s Puppy Bit You: What Now?

14 July 2017
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When a good friend has recently gotten a puppy, it's natural that you'd see the animal whenever you're in their home. If that puppy bites you, it can be stressful not only because of the pain it causes, but because of the strain that it puts on your friendship with their owner. In fact, you might be shocked if your friend doesn't claim responsibility; you may then attempt legal action so that you can recoup some of the costs you've been paying to deal with the aftermath of the bite. Read More 

Explore Your Options Before Signing Any Injury Paperwork

30 June 2017
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If you were injured at work, there are a few systems and compensation opportunities available. Workers compensation can be put into action if no one is found at fault or if an investigation will take too long, and personal injury claims can help workers get compensation from specific parties if negligence or malice can be proven. Before signing any agreement for any compensation system, consider a few scenarios to understand the wide field of options available after workplace injury. Read More 

Injured While On A Business Trip? 3 Steps To Take To Protect Your Worker’s Compensation Benefits

26 June 2017
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If you've been injured, while on a business trip, and that trip was part of your job description, you may be entitled to worker's compensation. This is particularly true if the injuries occurred while you were performing duties that are within the scope of your responsibilities. For instance, if you fell and broke your arm while setting up for a presentation, and that presentation was part of your job, your injuries are probably covered under worker's compensation, even though you weren't in the office. Read More 

Collision With A Tractor Trailer? What To Know

20 June 2017
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After you experience a collision with a tractor trailer, your days might be filled with trying to recover from the shock and any physical injuries you got that day. You may also have mounting concerns about how you will cover personal bills, household bills and medical costs in addition to thinking about how long you can miss work. A lawsuit could ease some of your concerns; you just have to be aware of and prepared for these details. Read More