Collision With A Tractor Trailer? What To Know

20 June 2017
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After you experience a collision with a tractor trailer, your days might be filled with trying to recover from the shock and any physical injuries you got that day. You may also have mounting concerns about how you will cover personal bills, household bills and medical costs in addition to thinking about how long you can miss work. A lawsuit could ease some of your concerns; you just have to be aware of and prepared for these details.

Filing Right Away

Your injuries may be extensive or you may be emotionally reeling from the collision and imagine you're not strong enough to handle the stress of taking legal action. However, getting started is not only smart because you can get a settlement sooner. Your state, like all others, has filing deadlines regarding these types of accidents. Too long of a wait can mean that you can't proceed. It's important to retain truck accident lawyers who can advise about when you must take action.

Choosing the Proper Defendant

Unlike with a car accident when you're sure the other driver is the person at fault, a tractor trailer collision case could name many defendants. The first possibility is of course the driver maneuvering the vehicle at the time you were hurt. They might have made an illegal turn, ran a red light or otherwise did something that directly caused the situation. However, it's possible they're not the only party involved.

The next party with some involvement could be the tractor trailer company. They may have been allowing the driver to overwork without capping travel hours. They could have failed to adequately screen or drug test the driver. The tractor trailer company might also have failed to properly care for the vehicle and no one had checked the brakes suspension and other issues. Your lawyer is likely to subpoena all kinds of records and logs to determine whether you should take action against the business.

Yet another party to name could be the owner of whatever cargo was being transported on the day of your collision. Improperly secured or leaking items could have caused problems for both you and the truck driver that resulted in your accident. Your attorney will do the investigative work to figure out whether the manufacturer shares blame

Understanding these details can prepare you for your collision lawsuit. Discussing these issues with the lawyer you've chosen will make things clearer.