Give Yourself (And Others) The Gift Of No Dwis This Holiday Season

24 January 2018
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The holiday season sees a huge spike in DWIs every year. This is simply due to the fact that the holidays trigger a desire to drink more than usual. This could be because of more time spent with family, more stress related to getting ready for the holidays, and more. Whatever the case, if you know that you struggling with putting yourself in situations where you drink and drive, here are four ways you can help yourself avoid it:

  1. Choose Non-Alcoholic Drinks: When you are going out for a family gathering, bring along your favorite non-alcoholic drink blend. There are sure to be others interested in trying it with you and it can help you cope with feeling left out when others are drinking. If you are hosting the party, then choose a few drinks that people can spike themselves if they wish, but do not do so yourself. 
  2. Make New Traditions: If there are certain traditions that just arise a desire to drink for you, whether it be attending a certain party or having drinking games involved, change these traditions up. Don't attend those parties, choose games that don't involve drinking or just use those non-alcoholic drinks mentioned above if you still want to keep the games in place. Talk with your family ahead of time to discuss your desire to avoid drinking and they are sure to help you embrace these new traditions. 
  3. ​Deal With the Holiday Stress the Right Way: Rather than heading straight for the drinks to handle the stress of the holidays, handle it in a healthier way instead. If your drinking is triggered by family, then don't be afraid to say no to spending time with them this holiday season. Another way to handle the stress of the holidays is to be sure to continue with an exercise routine and even talk with a professional if needed, especially if you can't avoid seeing certain family members this time of year. 
  4. Be the Designated Driver: Force yourself to be the designated driver in certain situations if you must. Having this responsibility not only makes you less likely to drink, but it also ensures that the people you are with are keeping an eye on you, as well. You can even simply find a designated driver you can rely on to drive you if you do want to participate in drinking. 

Avoiding a DWI this holiday season is extremely important not only for yourself, but for the safety of others you are sharing the road with. If you happen to find yourself pulled over for a DWI, even if you know that you are guilty, talk with a DWI lawyer. He or she can at least help you avoid some serious consequences for this charge.