Three Times You Should Absolutely Fight A Traffic Violation

28 April 2018
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Paying a ticket can be painful, especially if the ticket is a high cost. Most people will pay the traffic ticket rather than take a day off of work to fight the ticket. There are some cases where it is worth the day off and the hassle of going to court to fight a traffic ticket violation. Here are three times where it can be vital for you to go in and fight a traffic ticket. 

If the speed limit was only slightly over the limit

When you are going only a few miles over the speed limit, it may seem just as safe. If you were stopped and given a ticket because you went just a few miles over the limit, you should fight this in court. You may have a good argument that the radar gun did not pick up on the appropriate speed as you were entering a new speed limit zone. The officer also may not show up in court and you may be allowed to defend yourself against the ticket and have it released.

You have too many points or an SR-22

If you already have points on your license, it can cause big issues for you to receive any further points due to tickets. At some point, the number of points that you have on your license can land you a license suspension, which will severely impact your freedom. If you get a ticket and you are already required to have SR-22 insurance due to car and insurance issues in your past, you may find that it is impossible to get any insurance. This can impact your ability to own a car for several years. Having a traffic violations attorney go to court to get the ticket dismissed or decreased will save your ability to drive in the future. 

There was no proper speed limit post

Every state has speed limits that you must abide by in certain areas. This includes residential neighborhoods and school zones. On a regular stretch of road, the speed limit can be anywhere from 30 mph to 50 mph. If there is no signage from where you got onto the road to where you were stopped, this can be a city issue rather than a speeding issue. Have your traffic violation attorney go to court to let them know that there is no proper speed limit sign and this was the cause of the speed discrepancy.