A Wrong-Site Error During Heart Surgery Is Serious Medical Malpractice

24 July 2018
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Medical malpractice comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. None of these errors are as problematic as wrong-site mistakes. These types of errors occur when a surgeon actually operates on the wrong spot. If this type of accident occurs during a heart surgery, a patient is put in an even greater risk of injury. If you or someone you loved suffered from a serious wrong-site error during heart surgery, you deserve compensation for medical malpractice.

Liability Rests Firmly With The Doctor

Wrong-site mistakes are easily the most preventable types of malpractice and are often treated as the worst and most obvious mistakes. However, they happen all the time because medical booking and surgery preparation is so complex. And when they occur during heart surgery, you are in serious danger.

That's because the surgeon may perform a surgery on, say, your arm or leg when they need to do a heart surgery instead. When this happens, your heart may get stressed and suffer from a strain that leads to a cardiac arrest or stroke. And even if you don't suffer from these issues, you just got a surgery you didn't need and need to recover from it before getting the heart surgery you needed.

Surgeons May Come At You Hard In Defense

A wrong-site mistake during heart surgery is a very dangerous situation and is typically something that surgeons will try to protect themselves against heavily during a malpractice case. That's because they don't want to pay the money or suffer a loss of reputation. As a result, they may come out with claims stating that they were:

  • Not negligent in their error – Doctors may claim that they followed standard practices that any doctor would have when making the mistake.
  • Not entirely to blame – In some situations, a doctor may claim that they were not the only person to contribute to the injury, e.g., the patient moved during surgery or caused a complication.
  • Not in Error – Sometimes, a doctor may try to claim that they actually didn't commit an error and try to prove it.

Typically, these types of defenses don't fly very well in court because the judge doesn't like the injured person being blamed. This fact is particularly true after a botched heart surgery because the patient may suffer lifelong consequences as a result.

However, the doctor may bring in people to testify against you or who can somehow prove that the doctor was not negligent or that you contributed to the problem during surgery. In this scenario, you need all the help you can get from high-quality medical malpractice lawyers services.