Negotiation Mistakes You Should Avoid Making When Settling A Car Accident Case

1 February 2019
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A lot of people make the decision to settle their car accident cases directly with the insurance companies involved in the claims, and people who choose this route will be responsible for the negotiations. Negotiating with an insurance company is not an easy task for most people, though, and many people end up losing out on compensation from their cases due to mistakes they make while negotiating. If you want to receive the highest compensation possible from your case, you will need to avoid these negotiation mistakes that people commonly make.

Giving too much information to the insurance company

The first mistake you will want to avoid when settling your case is offering too much information to the insurance adjuster. You do not have to answer the questions they ask you, and you should avoid answering them if you feel like they are trying to trick you into saying something that could be used against you. They may ask to record the conversation they have with you, and you do not have to agree to this, either. No matter what you do, try to say the least amount as possible, as they may twist what you say to benefit their side.

Offering details about preexisting injuries you had prior to the accident

You should also avoid saying anything about any preexisting conditions or injuries you had prior to the accident. For example, if you suffered from neck pain for many years before the accident, do not tell them this. If you do, they may try to use this information against you by saying that the accident did not cause the back or neck problems you have now. Instead, these were issues you already had.

Settling too quickly

Settling too quickly is another negotiation mistake you should avoid. If you want to receive a fair amount of money from the settlement, it may require waiting to settle for a while. Waiting offers several benefits, including that it gives you more time to see what your injuries really are, and you should wait to settle until you fully know the severity of your injuries.

Failing to understand your rights

Finally, you should avoid settling your case if you do not fully understand your rights, and this is in terms of your rights for seeking compensation. For example, you should understand that you might be able to ask for compensation to cover emotional trauma you suffered from the accident. If you do not fully know what you can ask you, you might cut yourself short in your settlement amount.

If you want to receive a fair settlement amount, you will need to avoid making these mistakes. Additionally, you may want to contact an auto accident attorney to help you negotiate your case, as lawyers are often able to achieve significantly higher settlement amounts.