What You Should Do To Ensure Compensation After A Car Accident

24 April 2019
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Were you the victim of a car accident that wasn't your fault? If so, know that it's likely that you won't have to pay out of pocket for all the expenses related to the crash. You'll have personal property damage, medical bills, and other costs that you'll need compensation for. Here are some tips to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve:

Take Pictures

The first thing you want to do after the accident is take pictures. You may be surprised at how well pictures can help tell the story of what happened after a car accident. You'll be able to show which part of the cars collided, where the cars ended up, and any skid marks left on the pavement. This can help piece together at what speeds the vehicles were driving, who slammed on the brakes, and how long their reaction was. If you are not at fault, pictures can go a long way in proving the other driver is responsible.

Talk To Witnesses

Did anybody see the accident happen? If so, these people will be key in proving what happened in your car accident. It will no longer be your word against the other driver's, since you have someone that can corroborate your story.

The reason this is so important is because some states limit compensation based on what percentage of fault you had in the crash. For example, if you claim $100,000 in damages, but were found to be 25% responsible, you will only receive $75,000 in compensation.

Get Medical Assistance

Any injuries should be treated by a doctor immediately. You may think that they are minor, but waiting to have them treated can cause confusion about when the injury happened. You do not want the insurance provider of the other driver to claim that your injury happened elsewhere. By getting medical attention that same day of the accident, you will have official documentation that an injury happened and how serious it is.

Track All Expenses

Any expenses related to your injury need to be tracked so that you can validate them in your claim. This includes things such as medical goods, rental cars, medical bills, and medication for pain relief. You should even track lost wages if you took time off from work to recover. All of these expenses should be recovered when you seek compensation, so anything you forget to list will be an expense that you won't be able to recover.

A personal injury lawyer can help maximize the compensation you receive, so find one willing to work with you on your case. Legal professionals like those at Lapham Law Firm can offer more information.