4 Reasons You May Get Into A Motorcycle Accident

30 May 2019
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Motorcycle accidents are often one of the most severe types of accidents one can get into involving a motorized vehicle, due to the open-air nature of motorcycles. There are lots of reasons why one can get into a motorcycle accident and determining the reason for the accident can help you pursue legal action.

#1 Defective Motorcycle

One of the reasons that motorcycles get into accidents is because the motorcycle is defective. The defection of the motorcycle may be related to the bike no being property manufactured or put together during the manufacturing process

A defective motorcycle could also be caused by issues once the bike was in our possession. For example, if you took the bike to a mechanic, and the mechanic did not properly fix something, that can cause your motorcycle to be defective and can lead to an accident.

Your defective motorcycle can also be the result of an aftermarket part you added to the motorcycle that did not work correctly.

#3 Road Hazards

Next up are road hazards. Motorcycles, with only two wheels and an open-air frame, are much more susceptible to road issues. Things such as excess oil on the road can cause a motorcycle to slide. A pothole that an SUV may just drive right over can cause someone on a motorcycle to go flying. An out of place manhole cover can result in a serious accident. Road hazards are way more serious when it riding a motorcycle.

#3 Driver's Negligence

Not everyone pays attention when they are on the road, and that lack of attention can have serious consequences for motorcycle riders.

If your accident is caused by another driver's neglect, it usually takes a lot of evidence to establish that fact. Things such as witness reports, photos, cell phone records, and surveillance footage may be necessary to establish negligence on the part of the other driver.

#4 Bad Infrastructure

Just like with road hazards, motorcycles are more easily harmed by poorly designed roads. Things like lanes that are too narrow, or lack of shoulders or guard rails, can have negative impacts on motorcycle riders.

Pair up with a motorcycle accident attorney to review all the elements from your case and determine what caused your accident. Depending on the cause of the accident, you may be able to pursue a course of legal action with your attorney. A consultation is the first step towards figuring out if you have a case you can move forward with. 

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