Are You an Injured Pedestrian? Take Action Fast And Be Compensated

23 October 2019
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Walking is supposed to be a great way to both get healthy and relieve stress. That motivation is all well and good until a careless driver comes along and ruins everything. If you have been the victim of a careless driver, your injuries as a pedestrian may be quite severe. The human body is no match for the speed and the heft of any type of motor vehicle. This type of personal injury situation has some unique aspects, so read on and find out how to take action if this type of accident has affected you.

Seek Medical Care

Regardless of how minor your injuries, seek medical care and get your injuries checked out by a medical professional. If you think your injuries are not bad enough to seek care but later become concerned, go to an urgent care facility, emergency room or your doctor as soon as you can. Your health is too important to wait and see what happens. Some injuries take a few days to show up and it's never too late to seek medical care. Additionally, if you don't see a doctor soon after the accident, you might not have a personal injury case at all.

Financial Concerns Could Snowball

You won't be able to return to work if you are injured, which means that you will need to act fast to prevent money problems. The fastest way to be compensated after an injury is with a settlement. This allows the driver of the car to use their insurance to offer you a settlement right away. Talk to a personal injury lawyer about the time you missed from your job and ask for lost wages to be included in a settlement.

Gather Evidence Before It's Too Late

Any pedestrian vs. car case is strengthened with evidence. As time goes on, though, evidence can be lost. The sooner you speak to a personal injury lawyer, the better your evidence will be. For example, eye-witness statements and testimony are considered the gold standard when it comes to evidence. Unfortunately, you might have a harder time locating and interviewing witnesses after too much time has passed, so make sure that you talk to any witnesses as quickly as possible.

Abide by the Statute

The statute of limitations is a rule that prevents accident victims from taking legal action against a person, business or entity after a certain time has passed. It varies from state to state. The time limit you should pay attention to is the one that is legally binding in the state where your pedestrian accident occurred. Once you speak to an attorney, they will ensure that you are able to file your case before it's too late. Contact a company like the Labine Law Firm today in order to learn more.