Documents To Show Your Attorney After A Motor Vehicle Accident

21 October 2021
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If you get injured or your car gets damaged in a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer to help you get maximum compensation. However, for your attorney to build a solid case, you should provide them with essential accident documents. Here are the primary documents you should show your auto accident attorney after a car collision.

Written Account of the Accident

After an accident, you may not think clearly due to shock. In this regard, the account of the accident you give verbally at the time may omit some facts. Therefore, you need to provide a written statement of the accident when relaxed. During writing, you can remember every detail, and this is useful for your case. Remember that omitting some details or giving inaccurate information may harm your case, and you may miss your much-deserved compensation. Providing your auto accident attorney with a write-up of the events leading to the collision can help build a strong case.

Auto Insurance

Your auto accident attorney will need to see your auto insurance to know the coverage that you have. Since there are various types of coverages, your attorney will understand the compensation your insurance covers. Your lawyer will also find out if the insurance is valid. Remember that auto accident law in most states dictates that driving without insurance is illegal. If you don't have insurance, don't panic. Your car accident attorney understands the law and will know how to present the case in your favor.

Police Reports

When the police arrive at the accident scene, they'll write a report detailing what they see and include some witness statements as well. Your lawyer will want to know the information to establish the direction the case may take. If the report doesn't support your claim, your attorney will have to present compelling evidence to overturn the report. If the police report is in your favor, your attorney can use the information to support your compensation claim.

Medical Reports

When you get injured in an accident and get treatment, ensure that you keep all the receipts and get a copy of your medical records. Presenting these records to your auto accident attorney can help your lawyer understand the extent of the injuries and accurately estimate the compensation amount to quote during negotiations.

The documents to present to your auto accident attorney include medical reports, auto insurance, a written account of the accident, and police reports. Consider submitting these documents to your auto accident legal team to help them get you your rightful compensation. 

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