6 Advantages Of Settling Your Personal Injury Case

11 May 2022
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When you're injured in an accident, you want and deserve vindication. For many victims, the epitome of this vindication is to have their day in court and be awarded the damages they need. 

But going all the way to trial in a personal injury case isn't the only way to get recompense. Settlement of a case may not sound as satisfying, but it has many positive benefits compared to waiting for your day in court. Here are six of these.

1. Settling Is Faster. A settlement will take much less time than just about any trial case. While you should never sacrifice needed compensation for a quick resolution, you should honestly assess how long you can or want to pursue a full trial. 

2. Privacy Is Protected. If you don't want the details of your case, including medical details, made public, a settlement protects them better. It also keeps the amount and nature of your settlement private—something that may be important to you if you worry about anyone wanting a piece of your windfall. 

3. Defendants Are Motivated. The defendant you're suing may be more motivated to come to a workable settlement for two reasons. First, of course, is the time and money they will invest in a full court case. The second, though, is that they generally don't have to admit to any liability. If they wish to avoid this public relations issue, you can do quite well during settlement negotiations. 

4. Settlements Are Known Quantities. One of the biggest drawbacks to settlement is the likelihood that compensation will be less than what you could get from a jury verdict. However, just because you can get more money doesn't guarantee that you will. Juries, witnesses, evidence, and even judges can surprise everyone during proceedings. Settlements take away that uncertainty and stress. 

5. Trials Are Stressful. Only you can judge how prepared you are to go through a long and potentially drawn-out court case. While the trial will be about money, personal injuries are very personal and have an array of effects. It's okay to prioritize protecting your mental and physical health where you can. 

6. Negotiation Is Possible. Would you prefer to advocate for yourself rather than rely on what a judge or jury decides? Settlement negotiation involves you and your legal team being in control of what you ask for and what you get. You also focus on elements that are more important to you personally. At a time when many victims feel little power or control, negotiations may give some of this back. 

Where to Start

Want to learn more about the advantages and the drawbacks of settling your accident injury case? Start by meeting with a local accident lawyer