Get Something Settled After An Accident

29 December 2022
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If you have been hit and injured by another driver, you have choices in how to be compensated. One of the best ways to be paid after an accident is with a settlement. A settlement keeps matters out of court and gives you and your personal injury attorney the power and flexibility to create a settlement that covers your losses. To find out how this can help victims recover from their accidents better, read on.

What Can a Settlement Do for You?

The benefits of a settlement can be summed up in two words: fast and easy. While you might wait several months for your case to come up for trial, a settlement is paid quickly once things are agreed upon. How quickly your settlement happens depends on several factors like:

  • The complexity of the accident. The more issues a case has, the longer it can take to resolve. If any aspect of the case is in contention, it can add weeks or months to the time you wait to get paid. For example, if you and the other driver cannot agree on which party caused the accident, that is a huge problem that must be settled before you can be paid. Other complicating issues are when several vehicles are involved and counterclaims exist, when there are preexisting medical conditions, and when the injuries to the victim are permanent and catastrophic.
  • The skills of your lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are good at negotiating with the other driver's side to get you the money you are owed. Some victims, however, fail to get legal help.

Settlements are also easier than taking a case to court. Being deposed and testifying in court can be stressful for victims. Some victims are understandably reluctant to relive the trauma of the accident. The process of taking a case to court can be confusing and annoying too, with lots of hearings and delays to deal with. A settlement, if handled by your personal injury lawyer, is a breeze in comparison. Your part consists of supplying your lawyer with information about the accident. While your lawyer works on your settlement, you can concentrate on getting your injuries healed.

What to Expect

Your settlement is unique because no one else has the same damages as you do. In most cases, you will be paid for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and your vehicle damage.

To learn more about settlements, speak to a car accident lawyer.