When A Pedestrian Accident Affects Your Life

15 February 2023
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Walking is touted as a great way to get some exercise and improve your state of mind. However, a pedestrian accident can put those things and everything else in jeopardy. If you were hit by a passenger vehicle while walking, read on for guidance.

Who Has the Right of Way?

Accidents involving vehicles can come down to the vehicle with the right to proceed in front of another vehicle. However, right-of-way issues are not generally applicable to pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians occupy a special class as far as accidents go. They are very seldom judged to be at fault. That is perhaps due to the overwhelmingly large size of most passenger vehicles.

Naturally, when a pedestrian suddenly steps off the sidewalk and is hit by a vehicle, that is a different matter. Most of the time, though, the person hit by the vehicle is the victim in the accident.

Pedestrian accidents can be serious because of the vulnerability of someone not protected by a vehicle. For modern drivers, it's like driving a tank. Reinforced steel support structures, multiple safety warnings, automatic braking, lane avoidance help, and all-around cushioning from airbags are common. However, people don't carry around that type of protection and they can be very badly hurt from the most minor-seeming accidents. For instance, if a vehicle is going very slowly, it can still knock down a person and cause brain injuries and more. For those reasons, blaming the pedestrian in an accident is rare.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Some victims are embarrassed about being hit by a car. They may think that only the very distracted could fall victim to such a fate. However, drivers of vehicles may have many problems even seeing a pedestrian. Never assume that you did something wrong after a pedestrian accident. Even if you feel fine, get a ride to the emergency room and get thoroughly checked out just to make sure you don't have a serious head injury or internal injuries. Both of those types of injuries can be silent but deadly.

Get Legal Representation

The other driver's insurance policy may not be enough to cover your damages. For instance, many auto policies don't offer to reimburse victims for things like lost wages from a job. If you are unable to work, you need to make the insurer pay for the loss of income. The best way to make sure you get compensated for all the damages caused by the careless vehicle driver is to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your situation. Call a personal injury attorney today to learn more.